Roundnet X Beachvolleyball














Roundnet X Beachvolleyball

Can't decide whether you'd rather hit the ball onto or over a net? This summer you don't have to, because at our Roundnet X beach volleyball crossover tournament you can do both! 
Grab your partner and show that you are the greatest summer ball sports virtuosos and that the others may give you a water bottle, but can never hold a candle to you!


Game Mode
  • Space for a maximum of 12 teams
  • The team consists of 2 players, regardless of gender, who compete in both disciplines
  • Students and employees of the RPTU are eligible to participate
  • The game mode remains the same both in the group phase and in the subsequent bracket phase
  • One set of roundnet & one set of beach volleyball will be played against each opposing team. If there is a draw after both sets, a deciding set follows, in which the game mode is changed after half of the leading team's points have been scored.

Click here to register. One player per team must register online via the registration system and indicate their partner.


What: Crossover Roundnet X Beachvolleyball tournament

When: Wednesday, 26.06.23 starting at 17:00

Entry fee: 12 Euro/team

Registration deadline: 23.06.23

Where: On the beach fields and multicourt of the Landau campus

Who: Only for students and staff of the RPTU.

Registration deadline: 23.06.2024

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Tournament orga

field maintenance

material prizes for the winners

Competition regulations

The corresponding competion regulations apply to all ZSGW competitions.

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