Beach volleyball tournament hawaii style














Beach volleyball tournament hawaii style

The Hawaii-style beach volleyball tournament launched by two former sports students is once again an integral part of the competition calendar this year.

As in previous years, this is a tournament for all interested parties, no matter how advanced they may be.

This mixed tournament invites you to play with players of the same skill level in the respective group and to meet new people at the same time.


The tournament system according to the Hawaii style

  • The tournament consists of 4 groups of 10 players each.
  • There are 3 skill levels:
    Group A = Beginner / Group B+C = Intermediate / Group D = Advanced.
  • The first game will be played with your registered mixed partner, who should have the same skill level.
  • In the further course of the group phase, you will play together with three other partners.


Group stage:

  • The game is played according to the official beach volleyball rules. In case of errors, the players of the respective match must note them themselves.
  • The games are played in one set to 15 points.
  • The team that reaches 15 first wins the match.
  • The points scored are added together at the end of the group phase and recorded on the points account. The highest score to be achieved is 60 points.
  • The women and men with the two highest scores advance to the knockout phase.

Knock-out phase:

  • In the knock-out phase, mixed teams are drawn from the winners of the group phase.
  • These teams play together until elimination/victory.
  • The matches are played in one set to 21 points. If the score is 21:20, play continues until one team is two points ahead and has thus won.
  • In the final, the matches are played in a best-of-three set. If the score is 1:1, the third set is played to 15 points.

Registration and payment must be made online via the UNISPORT registration system by the registration deadline.

You need the registration of the Sportscard first.

Only registrations with completed payment can be accepted.


When: probably Wednesday, 05.06.23 from 16:00 to 22:00

Mixed: You must register as a mixed team with the same/similar playing experience.

Entry fee: 8 Euro/team

Registration deadline: 03.06.23

Where: On the beach fields of the Landau campus

Who: Only for students and staff of the RPTU.

Registration deadline: 03.06.2024

Register here

Competition regulations

The corresponding competion regulations apply to all ZSGW competitions.

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