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Due to a road closure in Hochspeyer, the shuttle buses between Hochspeyer and Waldleiningen do not stop at Hochspeyer station, but at the building of the municipal administration in Hauptstraße 121. The route between the municipal administration and the station can be covered on foot in approx. 10 minutes. Google Maps

The shuttle from UNISPORT Kaiserslautern to Waldleiningen (departure 12:00) remains unaffected by this change.

All information about the shuttle service including times and stops can be found further down on this page.


Our Uni Villa Hike leads through beautiful landscapes along winding paths from Kaiserslautern via Waldleiningen to Villa Denis in Frankenstein. Once there, the large Park Fest awaits you in the Villa Garden with culinary delights, music, children's program and much more.

In addition to members of the RPTU, all nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts from the Southern and Western Palatinate are invited to the event. Registration is not required!

The Route

The UVW hiking route leads from the RPTU campus Kaiserslautern via Waldleiningen to Villa Denis in Frankenstein. The route is signposted all year round, and on the day of the event guides and numerous helpers will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Ambitious hikers are recommended to take the 26-kilometer route. If you want to take it more leisurely, but don't want to miss out on the beauty of nature, you can start at kilometer 13, with the second half of the hike from Waldleiningen.

On the way you can expect refreshment stations, games, music, and much more. Arrived at Villa Denis, the popular Park Fest will take place. Look forward to an entertaining day of hiking!

The walking route in a nutshell:

RPTU-Campus KL - Bremerhof - Humbergturm - small Humberg - Wolfskaut - Hungerbrunnen - upwards (white-red marking) to the B48 - downwards to Waldleiningen - Leinbachtal - upwards to Hochstrasse (white-blue marking) - in eastern direction along "Hochstrasse" - Frankenstein castle - downwards to Frankenstein train station - past Landgasthaus Schlossberg into Diemersteiner Tal to Villa Denis.

The paths are well marked; at neuralgic points members of UNISPORT help.
Map material: Topographic map 1:25,000, Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Hochspeyer, Kaiserslautern-Süd.
The 26 km hike includes about 600 meters of elevation gain.

Half the way: Hike start in Waldleiningen, hike to Frankenstein

From Kaiserslautern, a shuttle will take you to Waldleiningen at 12 noon, from where you can hike the rest of the way to Villa Denis. Besides, you have the possibility to take a shuttle from the train station in Hochspeyer to Waldleiningen. You can also reach the train station in Hochspeyer by train.

Half the way: Hike RPTU-Campus KL - Waldleiningen

If you run out of steam on the way, you can take a shuttle from Waldleiningen to the train station in Hochspeyer, from where you can take the train either directly to Frankenstein for the joint park party at Villa Denis, or back to Kaiserslautern.

Journey home from Frankenstein

You can start your journey home in all directions from the train station Frankenstein, which is located close to Villa Denis.


Waldleiningen12:00 Uhr---ca. 30 Minuten
Hochspeyer Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung
(Google Maps)
Waldleiningen12:45 Uhr13:40 Uhrca. 20 Minuten
WaldleiningenHochspeyer Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung
(Google Maps)
13:25 Uhr14:25 Uhrca. 20 Minuten

Extra City- and Mountainbike Tours

This year, guided mountain bike and bicycle tours will again be offered as part of the UVW. Whether challenging trails in the Palatinate Forest or a leisurely tour on a city bike along bike paths - all interests are catered for. Even the bike trailer does not have to be unstrapped and children can participate in the city bike tour.

The tours offered for all demands range from 20 to 30 kilometers. The meeting point for all tours is the UNISPORT Kaiserslautern. Helmets are mandatory on all bike and mountain bike tours!

TourStart at UNISPORT KLDetails
Mountainbike Advanced10:00 a.m.Route profile
Mountainbike Medium11:00 a.m.Route Profile
Citybike12:00Route Profile


Arrived at the destination: Park Fest at Villa Denis

In the beautifully idyllic park of Villa Denis, the now traditional Park Fest will take place from 01:00 p.m. until nightfall. Music, abseiling from the Diemerstein castle ruins, a children's program, an open day at Villa Denis, and much more are all part of the program to which we cordially invite you. Of course, all non-hikers are also welcome at the park festival!

Guided tour through Villa Denis: 02:00 p.m., meeting point at the entrance

We are looking forward to the joint UVW 2024!


When: 27.04.2024

From 8:00 a.m.: Breakfast at UNISPORT, RPTU in Kaiserslautern

9:00 a.m.: Start of the hike (full tour)

Destination: Villa Denis in Frankenstein

From 01:00 p.m.: Park Fest at Villa Denis

Participation: All nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts from the southern and western Palatinate area are invited. Registration is not required.


Sarah Greiner

Mail: sarah.greiner(at)rptu.de

Tel: (0631) 205-2935

Link: UVW hiking and biking route profiles

App recommendation: Kreativpfade by Ideenwald Ökosystem

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