Wine Fest


With live music, exquisite Palatinate wine specialties
and lots of sunshine, the RPTU celebrates the beautiful Palatinate and all its guests.



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Summer ball

The RPTU celebrates a unique atmosphere and numerous live acts.
a ball in a class of its own



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The Uni-Villa hike leads along picturesque paths
through the Palatinate Forest from Kaiserslautern to the Villa Denis
in Frankenstein, where a park festival awaits all guests.



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Open grill, sand, sun and cool drinks:
In the summer semester, the UNISPORT barbecue area will be
becomes a special kind of after-study meeting place every Tuesday.



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Christmas Magic

The UNISPORT's barbecue area will be transformed into a wintry Christmas village again this year. Between twinkling lights and festively decorated booths, we will usher in the pre-Christmas season together with delicious treats, small gifts, warm fireplaces, hands-on activities and much more!



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The last party of the summer semester
and always a highlight:
Open air and unforgettable

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Campus Plus




Open Stage

A balmy summer evening, a big stage,
a lot of talent and a breeze of craziness


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A summer night cinema in the amphitheatre
on the campus: popcorn, drinks
and free admission


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Summer garden

Enjoy refreshing drinks and artistic performances
and artistic performances to round off the day
Every Wednesday in June and July


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Flea market

Here you can find cheap bicycles with charm.
Buy or sell - everything is allowed.


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Mental Health
Awareness Week

During this week
it's all about mental health



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Stem cell-

When was the last time you did something
meaningful thing?

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Health Day


How do you get through your studies in good health?
Here we address current topics again and again
on student health

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