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Beachleague Landau

The Beachleague LD will be even bigger and more spectacular in 2024!

In addition to the 1st league, there will be a 2nd beachleague for the first time this year. Whether in the upper or lower house, great rallies and a lot of fun are guaranteed. At the end of the beach league season, the best teams from Kaiserslautern and Landau will once again compete for the beach crown at the RPTU in the Champions Cup.

Will your team dominate on the sand this year and take home the victory? Or do you just want to play against new challengers? Whether you're a seasoned sandcore counter or a beach newbie, everyone is in good hands here!

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Game Mode
  • There is space for a maximum of 30 mixed teams. 15 teams in the 1st league (Tuesdays) and 15 teams in the 2nd league (Thursdays).
  • A team consists of 2 players on the field. However, you can register a third person if you can already foresee that you will not be able to take part on all match days.
  • Two women can also play in a team, but at least one.
  • Students and employees of the RPTU are eligible to participate.
  • Like last year, there will be a qualifying match day (30.04.24) to determine which teams will compete in the 1st and 2nd division.
  • After the qualification, the online registration and online payment for the two leagues will be activated.
  • There will be 6 match days + 1 final day, i.e. 7 match days in total. Please only register if you are sure you can attend all match days.
  • A match day lasts about 3-4 hours. From 18.00 o'clock onwards there will be a warm-up.
  • You will probably play 2 games per match day, depending on the final mode.
  • One game will be played in best of 3 to 15 points.

You can register for the qualifying match day free of charge.

Click here to register for the qualifying match day, one player per team must register online via the registration system.

Registration for the 1st and 2nd Beach League is then subject to a fee.

Following the qualifying match day, you can then register for the 1st Beach League (Tuesdays) or 2nd Beach League (Thursdays). One player per team must also register online via the WebApp.

If places are available, registration without attending the qualifying match day is only possible in the 2nd league.

Champions Cup

After the final match day at both RPTU locations, we want to organise the Champions Cup, where the best teams from Landau and Kaiserslautern get to know each other and play out a champion. The two finalists of the respective beach leagues are automatically seeded for the Champions Cup. There will be a men's, a women's and a mixed competition. The teams from Landau for the men's and women's Champions Cup will be determined in a one-day tournament.

The Campions Cup will take place on Tuesday, 16.07.24 on the beach volleyball courts at the Landau campus.

Further information

In the event of rain we may have to cancel match days, we have planned a time buffer for this and know from last year that you would also play in somewhat adverse weather conditions.


What: Beach-Liga Mixed

When: Qualifying tournament day on 30.04.24

1st league from 07.05. always on Tuesdays 

2nd league from 16.05. always on Thursdays 

always from 18.00 to 22.00 hrs

6 match days and 1 final day

There is no beach league during Whitsun week and on public holidays.

Buffer date for any cancelled match days due to bad weather for 1st league in week 26 & 27, and 2nd league in week 28.

Where: Beach volleyball courts at Unisport, campus LD


Registration for the 2nd Beach League until 14.05.

Register here!


Registration Fee

25€ per team

Please make sure that you register on behalf of your team. Not all players of the team have to register.

Please note that only RPTU staff and students can participate in our beach league and also in the additional tournament. Employees do not need an additional sports card to participate in the league.


Tournament orga

Material prizes for the winners

Competition regulations

The corresponding competion regulations apply to all ZSGW competitions.

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