Mountainbike technique - bikepark














Mountainbike technique - bikepark

Many of you are familiar with mountain biking on the trails in the Palatinate Forest and you are looking for every root and every landing to pull off or drop? Only the jumps, drops and steep walls in the bike park still leave you wondering, "Where am I supposed to start here?" Then you've come to the right place with our "Bikepark riding technique course".


The aim of the course is to gain first experience in jumping and dropping small obstacles, so that you will know how to approach such obstacles in the future. We will teach you the first basic techniques that will help you in further practice. In addition, we make with you successive jump, drop and curve techniques in the bike park Trippstadt. At lunchtime we will fire up the barbecue together and eat the food we brought ourselves with direct visual contact to the main line and pump track.

For the course you need a functional mountain bike*, helmet**, gloves, back protector, as well as knee and shin protectors. You don't need to be very fit for the "Bikepark riding technique course". However, you should have taken at least one riding technique course (preferably the advanced course) to master the basic techniques of mountain biking.

* Fully recommended, but not essential. Important: Sufficiently deep retractable saddle.
** Fullface/integral helmet recommended, but not urgently necessary.

Program outside the course

On Sunday after the course we like to stop together and talk about our experience and adventures over a cold drink or coffee.

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Where:  Bikepark / Trippstadt

When: 22. & 23. June 2024

Services included
  • Mountainbike technique course
  • Bikeguiding
  • T-Shirt


Tariff A:     € 49-
Tariff B:     € 59,-
Tariff C:     € 69,-

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Will be organized collaboratively via mail (not included in course fee).


Must be organized by yourself (not included in course fee).

Preliminary meeting

You will receive all your information in advance by mail.

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