Mountainbike technique for beginners - autumn














Mountainbike technique for beginners - autumn

The Palatinate Forest is one of the top regions for mountain bikers. Winding trails with rapid alternation of uphill and downhill. So that you can enjoy the potential of this great trail network safely and to the fullest, we offer you a riding technique course here for beginners and novices in mountain biking.


The aim of the course is the safe riding on trails, overcoming obstacles, steps, small ramps and hairpin bends. The course content also includes shifting and braking technique, descents in steep terrain, as well as the correct adjustment of the bikes. After a short warm-up ride, we will adjust the bikes, as well as do various exercises on the Unisport sports field. Later we will go off-road. On the second day we will go on a tour to deepen what we have learned on the trails. For the course you need a mountain bike, helmet, gloves and fitness for 15-20km biking. Shin, knee and elbow pads are recommended. If not available, you can borrow them from us.

Program outside the course

On Sunday after the course we like to stop together and talk about our experience and adventures over a cold drink or coffee.

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Where: Unisport / Kaiserslautern

When: 12. & 13. October 2024

Services included
  • Mountainbike technique course
  • Bikeguiding
  • T-Shirt


Tariff A:     € 39-
Tariff B:     € 49,-
Tariff C:     € 59,-

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Must be organized by yourself (not included in course fee).


Must be organized by yourself (not included in course fee).

Preliminary meeting

You will receive all your information in advance by mail.

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