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BikeExpedition Luxembourg

A mountain bike adventure through the small but rocky neighboring country. We ride with you across Luxembourg and the surrounding rocky country of the southern Eifel and show you the most beautiful trails and viewpoints. The region offers, in addition to incredibly beautiful nature, countless connected trail kilometers with some exciting passages. In two tour days we will experience eventful laps around our accommodation in the small village of Berdorf. The rocky Müllerthal will be a highlight for every trail fan. The overnight stay will be in small, rustic log cabins at the Martbusch campsite. Arrival will be organized collectively with private cars.


We start on Saturday in the morning and drive together from Kaiserslautern to Berdorf where our mountain bike trip will begin. After that we will be on our bikes exclusively with our own power and explore the trails. The luggage will be stored in the huts during the day, so that no one has to ride with two days luggage. We also take care of the food. In the evening we cook together and for the day there is something to take away.
Since we are on the road every day about 40-50 km with about 1000hm and we can shorten the tours only conditionally, a certain condition is required. Also a slightly advanced driving ability is required. Otherwise you need a technically perfect mountain bike, helmet and gloves as well as a backpack for food and if necessary spare parts/tools. Knee and elbow pads and back protector are recommended, at least for the descents.

Program outside the course

An appealing evening program is provided after our tour, so no one will be bored.

Looking for a weekly ride?

You are hooked on MTB and would like to ride more often in a group? Then check out our weekly courses. In Kaiserslautern we offer weekly courses for different skill levels. Start riding now! This way...


Where: Berdorf / Luxemburg

When: 10. & 11. August 2024

Services included
  • Mountain bike course / Guiding
  • Overnight stay
  • T-Shirt
  • Rental bike optionally


Tariff A:     € 89-
Tariff B:     € 119,-
Tariff C:     € 129,-

Which tariff group do you belong to? Take the test now or read about it here.


Will be organized privately among the participants (is not included in the course fee). We help to find the group during the preliminary meeting.


Will be organized collaboratively via mail (not included in course fee).

Preliminary meeting

You will receive all your information in advance by mail.

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