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Break Express

The break express enables all employees of the RPTU - Kaiserslautern site to integrate a moving break into their daily work routine. The exercise units last only 15 minutes and can be completed in everyday clothing. The focus is on strengthening, stretching and mobilization of the musculature as well as coordination and relaxation exercises. In normal operation, the break express is carried out by exercise instructors who come to the staff in the corridors and offices.



Break express any time

If you need a break from exercise, but there is no exercise instructor around, you can simply do one of the following videos instead. In the videos, classic break express exercises have been demonstrated and recorded. Just stand up, play the video and join in!


Where: In your office or another room nearby

What: short movement sessions 

Duration: 15min


To participate in the Pause Express, you only need to do two things:

1. form a group of at least four people with your colleagues.

2. register the group with us and let us know your possible time slots for the break express.

We will then organize a weekly Break Express session at your place.

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