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Donate blood

Blood donations are a life-saving measure that have a huge impact on the well-being and health of people all over the world. Blood is essential for operations, medical emergencies, cancer patients and many other health conditions. Donating blood is therefore of enormous value, as there are no synthetic alternatives to human blood. For this reason, come along and help save lives :)

The DRK blood donor mobile is coming to the RPTU in Kaiserslautern!


Who can donate? Anyone who is over 18 years old, healthy and weighs more than 50 kg can usually donate blood. However, there are factors that restrict the ability to donate, e.g. stays abroad, medication, illnesses, tattoos, piercings and operations. - Simply drop by and register as a donor.

Do I need an appointment? Simply drop by without an appointment and donate blood.

What do I need to bring? Valid identity document with photo to donate blood.

What do I need to do before donating? Please drink enough before donating (1.5l-2l)

What is the procedure?

1) If you are not yet a registered donor, you will first have to register, where your personal data will be recorded so that you can be registered as a blood donor.

2) When you register, you will receive a questionnaire with important questions about your health.

3) During an examination, medical staff will assess your general state of health and discuss the completed questionnaire with you.

4) Before donating blood, the hemoglobin level is determined using a small drop of blood from the earlobe or finger. Your body temperature will also be measured. If there are any abnormalities, you will be informed accordingly and given recommendations for clarifying the cause.

5) Approximately 500ml of blood is taken during the blood donation. The whole process usually takes about 10 minutes. Your blood group will be determined in the laboratory afterwards and noted on your personal blood donor card.

6) After donating blood, there is a 10-minute rest period on the couch. The DRK provides snacks and drinks after the donation. Afterwards, it is important to drink enough (non-alcoholic), eat something and relax

If you have any further questions about donating blood, please contact



When? 17.11. and 18.11.23 from 11:00-16:00 in each case

Where? Asphalt pitch on the Unisport grounds