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Moved Teaching

Are you looking for a way to make your teaching move? Or do you want to go out in a seminar or on a field trip and give a lecture outdoors? Whether it's a walk through the woods or a tour of the campus, with the Silent Headphone System you can reach your audience anywhere. Borrow the system now for free for your next event.

The system consists of a microphone plus transmitter and 50 headphones, the volume can be adjusted individually on each headphone. The range is about 100m and the battery life is about 12h. Here is the manual of the system.

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Application examples

The headphone system can be used in a variety of ways in teaching. Here are two methodological examples.

1 - Moving lecture

For outdoor lectures, the system can be used to reach all listeners without them having to be in the immediate vicinity of the person giving the lecture. In this way, during a lecture, it is not always necessary to wait for everyone to gather at one point, so the audience can choose their own pace. 

2 - Station work

The system has several channels on which different audio files can be played. This allows different stations to be explained and worked on at the same time in a station work without the learners disturbing each other. In addition, the learners can move freely in the room.

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