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University Health Report 2024

 +++ Survey extended until July 07 +++

"How are you? The big CampusPlus health survey 2024" for all RPTU students (03.06. - 30.06.2024)

According to the “Public Health Action Cycle”, the analysis of student health is an essential pillar of health management. In order to obtain and analyze the current state of the health status and health behavior of RPTU students, the extensive “University Health Report” (UHR) survey was conducted at RPTU (formerly TU Kaiserslautern) in cooperation with the FU Berlin in 2015, 2018 and 2021. An average of 1,200 RPTU students in Kaiserslautern took part in the surveys. These surveys have made it possible to tailor the student health management concept and the corresponding measures to the specific needs of students on the basis of valid data. The previous survey results from the three survey years are compared with each other, set in relation to a nationwide comparative study and published in a comprehensive report (University Health Report). This year, the UHR will be extended to the Landau site in order to obtain a holistic picture of student health at RPTU. The results of this year's 2024 survey will be available at the end of 2024/beginning of 2025 and can be seen in a poster exhibition on the Kaiserslautern and Landau campuses in the 2025 summer semester. 



Studying with increasing study requirements and numerous changes: As RPTU's Student Health Management team, we want to know how you are doing and what RPTU can do better to promote and strengthen the health and well-being of you and your fellow students on campus. For a precise analysis of the current state of student health at RPTU, we therefore conduct a comprehensive online survey every three years in which we ask many different health parameters on general health, health-related behavior and the study situation at both university locations.


The aim of this study is to collect meaningful and up-to-date data on the general state of health, health-related behavior and the student situation at RPTU so that RPTU can gain an overview of the health areas in which further action is needed to improve the health and well-being of students in the individual departments.


On behalf of the university management, CampusPlus, the student health management of RPTU, conducts the survey on the health status of RPTU students. We are cooperating with the Department of Public Health: Prevention and Psychosocial Health Promotion at Freie Universität (FU) Berlin. The survey is part of and the basis for all CampusPlus activities and measures and is part of the project to promote the bio-psycho-social health and increase the well-being of RPTU students. CampusPlus is funded by Techniker Krankenkasse.


The data from UHR 2024 is collected on a server certified by the Federal Office for Information Security and deleted after the survey is completed. A pseudonymized, summarized data set is stored and further processed, which excludes conclusions about individual persons. The results are published by the RPTU in cooperation with the FU Berlin. If you have any technical problems or questions about data protection, please contact the FU Berlin (Christine Wolter - christine.wolter(at) or Tino Lesener - tino.lesener(at)



At the end of the UHR survey, all the results are compiled and issued in the form of the University Health Report (UHR). Based on the results of the UHR, we can (further) develop and implement meaningful and targeted measures and our CampusPlus services to improve the health of RPTU students and their well-being on campus. We have already surveyed students at RPTU (formerly TU Kaiserslautern) on their bio-psycho-social health. The results are summarized in the University Health Report (UHR) and form the basis for our actions as Student Health Management. Under the links you will find the prepared results of the last UHr survey years 2015, 2018 and 2021.



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What is the UHR? The University Health Report (UHR for short) is the major health survey conducted by CampusPlus in cooperation with the FU Berlin.

Who can take part? All RPTU students - regardless of whether they are on-campus, distance learning, international, PhD,...

Survey period? 03.06. - 07.07.2024

Are there prizes? Many cool prizes will be raffled off among all participants :-)

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Dr. Max Sprenger

Lead of Centre for sports, health and wellbeing (ZSGW)
Project lead Student Health Management



Diana Neben
Project coordination Student Health Management in Kaiserslautern



Project coordination Student Health Management in Landau


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