The route














The route

The Campus Expedition leads between the two university campuses of the RPTU through the greenery of the Palatinate Forest. No roads, no traffic, no noise, just nature, trees and many paths. The route starts every year at the campus in Kaiserslautern or in Landau. Along the way, various places of special significance to the expedition are visited. Navigation is done with compass and map.


From the Landau campus, we head into the Palatinate Forest, where miles of path lead us deeper and deeper into the largest forest area in Europe. Via Eußerthal, we continue through the mountains until we finally spend the night at Taubensuhl for the first time. On the second day, we head via Erlenbach to Johanniskreuz to pitch our tents nearby. Finally, on the last day, the route will take us via Trippstadt directly to the campus of RPTU Kaiserslautern!



Starting from Kaiserslautern, via Mölschbach and Johanniskreuz, the route leads to Geiswiese, where the expedition team will pitch its tents. The route continues in the direction of the Taubensuhl forester's lodge and then via Ramberg and through the vineyards of the Rhine plain to Landau.

The route was planned as part of a master's thesis by a student of spatial and environmental planning. "Based on a systematic and criterion-guided wayfinding concept based on OSM map material and KOMPASS hiking maps as well as the review of potential trail variants, a trail selection was made." (Hanck, 2021)

Elevation profil
1. Stage

Kaiserslautern > Geiswiese

Distance: 30,8 km

Altitude meters: 860 m

2. Stage

Geiswiese > Landau

Distance: 31,0 km

Altitude meters: 910 m