Stem cell typing

Become a lifesaver and get typed! This november, we will bring the Stefan Morsch Foundation, Germany's first stem cell donor centre, to campus. You will have the opportunity to get comprehensive information on the topic and can register as a stem cell donor directly on site. In an emergency, you can save the life of someone suffering from leukaemia by donating a stem cell. Every year in Germany alone, around 3,500 patients fall ill with leukaemia and are dependent on a stem cell transplant. If YOU get typed, you increase the chance that a person affected by leukaemia will find a suitable donor.


How does the typification process work?

It's as simple as that: Stop by the Foundation's information stand, fill out the consent form and give a saliva sample - done!

Is typing free of charge?

Typing is free for everyone between the ages of 16 and 40. Minors need the consent of a parent or guardian.

Who can be typed?

Basically, anyone over the age of 18 can register as a stem cell donor. The more people who have themselves typed, the greater the chance of finding a suitable stem cell donor.

I am already typed as a stem cell donor at DKMS, do I have to be typed again at the Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung?

If you are already typed at the DKMS or another stem cell donor centre, you do not need to register again, as all donor data is pseudonimised and passed on to the Central Bone Marrow Donor Registry Germany (ZKRD).


When:  no date at the moment

Where:  Atrium Fortstr. & Studiraum Bürgerstr. Landau

Costs: None

Requirements: Age between 16 (consent of a parent or guardian) and 40 years; for those over 40, an individual assessment is required.


Diana Neben (Kaiserslautern)

Mail: diana.neben(at)

Tel: (0631) 205-3444

Malte Prietz (Landau)

Mail: malte.prietz(at)

Tel: (0631) 205-5625

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