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summer garden

Enjoying the end of the day

Rays of sunshine, a refreshing drink in your hand and varied artistic performances in the middle of a blooming garden - that's the Summer Garden event series! Enjoy the end of the day, weather permitting, every Wednesday in June and July starting at 5:00 p.m. in the Campus Garden (the Biology department garden) near Building 16. Admission is free.

Now all you have to do is call it a day and bring your colleagues and fellow students - we'll take care of the rest! There will be no shortage of drinks, so please don't bring your own.

So get out of the lab, office or library and let the university day end in a relaxed atmosphere.

In cooperation with the Biology Department Garden under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Müller-Schüssele.


19. June 2024

26. June 2024

03. July 2024

17. July 2024

24. July 2024

31. July 2024


Start: 05.06.2024

When: Every wednesday, from 5:00 pm  to 8:00 pm

Where: Campus Garden (at building 16)

Entry: free!


Sarah Greiner

Mail:  sarah.greiner(at)

Tel: (0631) 205-2935


Prof. Dr. Stefanie Müller-Schüssele

Mail: mueschue(at)

Tel: (0631) 205-4391

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House Rules of the Campus Garden