Campusletics is a creation of strength, coordination and endurance training on the campus of the RPTU in Kaiserslautern. Based on a trim trail, a course with various stations leads across the campus and through the forest. Modern training equipment and urban trends such as calisthenics are combined with the tranquility of running in nature. In addition, existing elements such as stairs or inclines are incorporated into the course.

All exercises are suitable for beginners as well as for trained people. The course thus offers everyone the opportunity to work out according to their level of fitness. The information boards at the stations explain exercises with different levels of difficulty. Instructions and tips can also be accessed at the respective station boards via QR code using a smartphone.


Campusletics is made up of the words "campus" and "athletics."

Explainer videos of individual stations

Here you will find short videos of individual stations, in which you will be introduced to the exercises of the respective station. Try out which level of difficulty suits you best. Just click on the video you want to watch.


- Overview:    Introduction video

- Station 1:       Slackline

- Station 2:     Stair run

- Station 3:      Shimmy, bar support and pull-up

- Station 4:

- Station 5:     Forrest run

- Station 6:     Leg raise und sit ups

- Station 7:    Arm pull

- Station 8:    Push ups

- Station 9:    Stair jump

- Station 10:   Dips

- Station 11:     Spring plate


Where: The stations are spread all over the campus - just follow the green dots on the floor ;-)

When: 24/7


Overview of the stations


Station 1: Slackline 

Station 2: Stair run

Station 3: Shimmy, bar support, pull-up   

Station 4: Science gate

Station 5: Forrest run 

Station 6: Leg raise and Situps   

Station 7: Arm pull

Station 8: Push ups

Station 9: Stair jump

Station 10:Dips

Station 11: Spring plate