The expedition team














The expedition team

The expedition team is made up of 20 adventurous, resilient, persistent and team-oriented RPTU students. Each and every one of them has his or her own special skills and abilities that contribute to the joint success of the first crossing of RPTU's green campus.

Expedition guides

The expedition will be led by Felix and Svenja. Malte is responsable for the coordination of the campus expedition. 

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to malte.prietz(at)


As a native of the Palatinate and an outdoor sportsman, Felix knows the Forest like the back of his hand. With his experience, the expedition team will be safely navigated through the forest.

Svenja is a gifted hiker and was part of the first crossing of Germany's greenest campus in 2023. Her expertise will help to successfully master the campus expedition.

Malte is responsible for the planning, organisation and coordination of the expedition. He takes care of the expedition camp, the catering and the contents of the expedition.