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Digital Detox

Most of us spend several hours a day on our smartphones, bridging waiting times with WhatsApp messages, Instagram or mobile games, and also reaching for their cell phones during other activities such as eating or online seminars. And even lectures or research for papers and seminars largely take place online.

But what is this actually doing to us? Can the constant consumption of digital media and smartphones have negative consequences for us? And what would we actually do with all that time if we didn't spend it on our cell phones?

These are precisely the questions we'll be addressing below. We want to inform and motivate you to put down your cell phone. You can find out how to do that here.

Digital stress

Digital devices accompany us every day and make many things possible, such as online lectures or skyping with friends. However, in addition to the opportunities, they also bring disadvantages and risks. For example, digital media can lead to so-called digital stress. Digital stress is caused by the stress associated with the use of digital devices. A study by PräDiTec (Gimpel, 2019) identified a total of 12 stress factors that can occur when working with digital devices. Factors such as

Information overload

unreliability of technology

a constant and omnipresence, and

the fear of becoming a "transparent person".

And it is precisely these stress factors that can have a negative impact on us and our health. For example, high digital stress is associated with reduced work performance and satisfaction and can lead to emotional exhaustion. You can see the effects that high digital stress can have on our bodies in the images below.

Problematic smartphone consumption

In addition to digital stress, too much smartphone use can also have a negative impact on your health. Click through the images to find out what the consequences can be if you spend too much time on your smartphone and test whether you yourself have problematic consumption.

Do you have a problematic smartphone consumption? Take the test!

Do you want to know how dependent you are on your smartphone? With the help of just ten questions, you can find out whether your smartphone use is problematic or within limits. The questionnaire is a validated measurement tool developed by Korean scientists (Kwon, Kim, Cho & Yang, 2013). You can take the test at the following link::

When completing the test, please make sure that you note down the points you receive per question. You will need them at the end for the evaluation.

You have the option to check your smartphone consumption on both Android (from version 9) and iOS. You can view your daily screen time and unlocks, and also set timers for apps or certain rest periods. You can also set a daily screen time goal, for example. We'll show you exactly how to do that in the following videos.

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Did you know...? - A few facts about problematic consumption
Digital Detox - Who does it?
What could you do with the obtained time?

Imagine you have one hour per day at your disposal, which you save through digital detox. What could you do with it...?

8 Tips for a successful Digital Detox

Would you like to try Digital Detox, but don't know how to get started? With our eight tips, you can get some inspiration and start your Digital Detox time. And remember: Digital Detox doesn't mean you have to put your smartphone away for the next four weeks. Digital Detox can also take place on a much smaller scale and have a positive effect on you. For example, just try a few cell phone-free hours at the beginning. Have fun trying it out!

Digital Detox self-experiment

Does the whole Digital Detox theme still sound very abstract and difficult to implement to you? Anna from our student team completely gave up all digital devices for a week. She reports on her experiences in her video diary: