The Rhineland-Palatinate University of Kaiserslautern-Landau takes the protection of your data very seriously. Therefore, the "Campus Games" app does not collect any personal data and thus protects your privacy. If you decide to support the evaluation of the "Campus Games" (which would make us very happy!), we will only save your email address - because we have to send you the questionnaire somehow.

You only have to give us a pseudonym, which we will use to name your game profile. In order to be able to continue playing your existing profile in case you lose your app data (accidental uninstalling, new device, ...), you have to log in with your RHRK access via Shibboleth.
The server of our game does not receive any personal data from you, but only an identification feature. This feature is generated especially for Campus Games. It cannot be used by us to de-anonymise you or to find out your profile with other Shibboleth service providers.

The app will ask you if we can access your camera. We don't do that to check if your hair is right today. We'll take your word for it. The app only needs the camera to scan QR codes. This comes into play with the Weekly Task "Sports Courses" with the QR codes on the banknotes. Only the code is transmitted to our server, not the picture with which it was taken. If you're not scanning QR codes, you can also revoke the app's right to use the camera.

For the weekly tasks "Coin Collector", "Mr. Z" and "Scavenger Hunt", the app needs access to your location (which is determined via GPS). Of course, only the points you have won are transferred to our server. The route or even the location remain on your mobile phone - after all, they are none of our business! The app tells our server where you have collected a coin or reached the goal of a puzzle. If you stop somewhere other than at a coin or a puzzle goal, our server will of course not know your location.

In the event of an Android app crash, device data is sent to Google's Firebase analytics service.
The communication between the app and our server (which is hosted at RHRK) runs over HTTPS and is therefore encrypted.

Do you have any further questions? Then feel free to write to us at: