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Exchange shelf

Several exchange shelves are located throughout the campus, where you can help yourself. The principle is simple: If you like a game or book on the exchange shelf, simply take it with you and replace it with something similar that you still have at home but no longer need. This way you can constantly get new reading and playing material without having to pay money for it. You can find the CampusPlus exchange shelf at the underpass between buildings 46 & 48. Further exchange shelves are located at the library (building 34), at the AStA (building 464 - 205) and in the Social Sciences Department (building 57 - 4th floor). The shelves will become more exciting week by week as you fill them with new life. Have fun!

How it works

Take out the book, read it and bring it back. You are also welcome to put other books on the shelf and swap them with your favorite book.

Please do not use the shelf to put broken or useless things on it. Only put things on the shelf that someone else could really use.


Where: between 46 & 48

At the AStA

In building 57 4. floor

When: 24/7