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Bike repair stations

If you ride your bike, you have a clear advantage - money saved and sport done! If you travel a lot by bike, you can't help but treat your bike to a few maintenance measures.

We offer you two practical solutions:

Throughout the campus there are various repair columns to pump up your bike or to repair it. It happens quickly that something gets broken. Help us out and report the defect using the form below. On the map you can see all the stations that are currently available on campus.

Suspected a problem or defect?

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Bike repair workshop

You don't know how to change a tire, adjust your brakes or you have problems with your gears? For this we offer you in regular intervals in the summer semester our Schrauber Workshop. There you will learn how to repair everything around your bike so that you can ride the bike paths safely again. The workshop is free of charge, but you have to bring your own spare parts like bicycle tubes.

Here you can find the information about the bike repair workshop.


Wann: 24/7

Wo:  bei Gebäude 28 (Unisport)

bei Geäude 30 (Mensa)

bei Gebäude 13

bei Gebäude 1

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