Hammock park















Hammock park

A small inconspicuous wooden sign with the words "Hammock Park" on the side of the road points away from the road to a small piece of forest that you probably never noticed before. If you follow the arrow, you end up on a winding path and dive between the trees into a scenario that you would not have expected in this way, in the middle of the campus. After just a few steps: silence, no hustle and bustle, soft rustling of leaves, pleasantly cool and it smells like a forest - the perfect place to relax.

Two turns further, about 20 colorful hammocks, generously distributed in the forest, are waiting for you. Just lie in them and enjoy the gentle swaying and the view through the treetops. Or read a good book, take a short power nap, listen to music, close your eyes for 10 minutes... whatever you want.

If you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of university for an hour, or even just 20 min, this is the place for you! A piece of vacation in the middle of campus: our hammock park.

Our reccomendation

Choose a hammock, lie in it, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the forest. Use the time to put your cell phone away and forget everything around you and let your soul dangle.


Wann: bei schönem Wetter von April bis Herbst

Öffnungszeiten: Mo - Fr 9 - 17 Uhr

Wo: Zwischen Geb. 14 und 53 - Eingang bei Haltestelle Uni-Zentral (Linie 116)



Regeln Hängemattenpark