Tennis workshops in the summer semester

You can find more information about the workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players on this page.


Free tennis at TSG KL

RPTU students and staff can use the tennis courts of TSG Kaiserslautern (right next to the UNISPORT site) for free play. A UNISPORT-Deluxe card is required.

Follow the steps below to use the courts:

  1. Book your UNISPORT Deluxe Card in the ZSGW WebApp
  2. Write an email to claudia.moritz(at) to reserve your space. This email will be forwarded to the TSG, where you will get access to the TSG booking system
  3. Make an appointment (once) at the TSG office to get a locking authorization for the courts.
  4. You can then book and use your courts independently - subject to the TSG court rules below!

Please note that every player needs a deluxe card, not just one from the group.

For organisational reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to use the tennis courts with a deluxe day ticket.

Rules: Use of TSG tennis courts

Tennis shoes are mandatory on the court!

Before the play:

  • The court must be cleared/playable
  • No playing if the court is too soft
  • Water before the start of the match

After the play:

  • Leveling of unevenness with the three-cornered wood
  • Pulling off with the net
  • Sweep the lines
  • Properly hang up or put away used equipment


Sports Schedule