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Sunset SUP

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has been practiced for thousands of years. It first appeared in the 20th century in connection with water sports. Surf photographers and surf instructors in Hawaii used it to get back faster from the shore to the wave breaking reefs by using a stand up paddle. Now there are two major disciplines in this sport: "Stand Up Paddle Surfing" and "Distance Stand Up Paddling".

You want to experience the idyll of nature on the water at sunset at Gelterswoog? Then you have the possibility to rent a Stand Up Paddling board with paddle incl. life jacket for one hour. After a short introduction you have the possibility to get a taste of the sport. Starting in May, you can find us on Thursdays, weather permitting, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Paddler's Guild. You can rent a SUP with the water sports card or buy a 1-hour ticket on site. You can only pay cash on site. So you can come by no later than 8pm to rent a SUP. If we will not be on site due to reported bad weather, we will announce this in advance on the Unisports page under cancellations.

If you don't feel confident enough on a SUP yet, or enjoy learning new tricks in a group setting, feel free to check out our workshops "SUP Course 1-4"! We are looking forward to meeting you!

What you should bring




Small change for the drinks machine of the Paddlergilde Kaiserslautern

Water shoes you do not necessarily need


Where: Pattlergilde / Gelterswoog

Start: From 8. May on, if the weather is good

When: Wednesday between 18:00 and 21:00 

Lending time: 1 hour

Last possible lending: 20:00


1-Hour Tickets
(you pay cash on sight, please bring the exact amout)

Tarif A: 5€
Tarif B: 7€
Tarif C: 8€

Watersports- Card
(Online reservation of the SUP possible)

Reservations become invalid and can be passed on to those interested in 1-hour tickets, if you are not present at the start of the reserved time.

SUP 6-7pm


SUP 7-8pm


SUP 8-9pm


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