Climbing takes you high up - a sport for all the senses. If you want to exercise your mind and body at airy heights, you've come to the right place. Students and employees of the TUK are offered the opportunity to train independently at the DAV Kaiserslautern climbing centre. The hall time is dedicated exclusively to training already existing climbing and belaying experience. Safe and independent use of belay devices and climbing is required in order to use the hall time. There will always be a hall supervisor on site for any queries regarding the on-site procedure as well as the rental.

What I need
  • Level of knowledge: Self-responsible climbing and belaying according to recognised technique and without checking the hall supervision.
  • Proof of a basic Unisport card (student ID)

Further information

  • On site, the hall usage regulations of the DAV Kaiserslautern Section apply.
  • Equipment can be borrowed on site
  • If you don't have a climbing buddy yet, you can still come along
Toprope and Lead climbing courses

For all those who have no experience in climbing, or want to refresh their previous experience, we offer toprope and pre-ascent courses. These take place at the same time as the Studi climbing, but must be booked separately as a workshop. 

The entry course is the Toprope course. No previous knowledge is necessary.
More information about the Toprope course can be found here.

For advanced climbers there is the lead climbing course. Here you learn how to change from top rope climbing to lead climbing.
Between the completed top-rope course and the start of the lead climbing course, you should first plan some time for top-rope climbing. So that you get safety and routine in climbing but also belaying. Please ask the student climber if you are already safe enough for the lead climbing course.
More information about the lead climbing course can be found here.


Access authorisation

Sports Schedule

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