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Salsa & Bachata

The beginners course Salsa and Bachata starts on May 6th, registration is still possible a maximum of one week after the course starts and is valid for the entire semester. It is not possible to join the beginners' courses at a later date.

Dancing salsa is dreaming with your feet. Hardly anyone can escape the animating rhythm and joie de vivre that is radiated here. Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic. It originated there in the 1960s and developed from a form of Cuban boleros.
At Unisport you have the opportunity to learn everything about Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba from a dancer who is very active in the scene. Directly after each dance course, a salsa disco is offered to give you the necessary practice. This should guarantee fun at any future Salsa party.

Salsa Rueda:

Rueda de casino is a Latin American group dance (Cuban) that is danced to Salsa music. Translated, rueda means wheel and casino is the Cuban name for the dance salsa, i.e. 'salsa wheel'. In German-speaking countries, the term 'Salsa Rueda' is also sometimes used. The name Rueda comes from the fact that all the couples involved form a circle, each dancing the same figures synchronously. Due to partner changes, which are part of the danced figures, the Rueda or the wheel turns. We all start together into a new semester and will orientate ourselves with the course level to the participants, we are looking forward to many participants and people who bring along fun.

Salsa Cuban Style:

The Salsa Cuban Style course serves as preparation for the Salsa Rueda courses.