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Road Bike

With the weekly ride, we offer beginners and advanced cyclists the opportunity to explore the region around Kaiserslautern on a road bike in a group. We ride for about 2 hours round trips between 30 and 50 km with 300 to 600 hm on bike paths and on the road. Invited are all road cyclists who own a road bike, gravel bike with slicks or similar. Nobody will be left behind, because the fun of riding out together is in the foreground.

Helmets are mandatory for all rides. For evening rides in the spring and fall, reflectors and lights are also mandatory (front and rear lights, preferably reflective clothing). In winter there were often course cancellations due to weather conditions. For this reason, a gravel ride is offered instead of the road bike ride in the winter months. Advanced road cyclists as well as hardtail mountain bikers can also participate in this one. Mudguards are recommended on the road bike.

Since you sign up for the "road bike/gravel" course for the entire semester, participants will be notified in advance by email as to what will be ridden.

The basic equipment should always include a bar and of course enough water as well as clothing suitable for the weather and tools for your bike (multitool, spare tube, air pump, etc.).

The tours usually start 10 minutes after the meeting point in front of the UniSport hall (building 28) after a short bike check and instructions on how to ride  in the group. .



Wednesday 18:00 to 20:00 Meeting point in front of building 28 (Campus KL)

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