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(with parents)

+++ Please note: currently there is a temporary sales stop of our children's (gymnastics) subscription. Further information: News release +++

Two courses are currently offered: dwarf gymnastics for 1-2 year olds and goblin gymnastics for 3-5 year olds.

The course is booked by the parents on behalf of the children via our web app.

Due to the high capacity utilisation, trial training is currently not possible!

To take part in the course, it is essential that you are on the relevant registration list. Early registrations are recommended, please cancel in good time for the benefit of all.

Children from the age of 2 (especially with older siblings) can already register for goblin gymnastics.

The aim of children's gymnastics is to improve the child's coordination through various games and exciting movement landscapes. The children can try out different sports equipment/materials and discover their bodies. 

Children's gymnastics serves to develop the motor skills of running, climbing, jumping, rolling, balancing, swinging, throwing and catching. This comprehensive training of skills creates movement confidence in everyday life. It also provides an excellent foundation for other sports and movement practices.

Gymnastics is aimed at all parents who want to do gymnastics with their children, romp around, play and socialise with other parents and children.


For parent-child gymnastics it is necessary to take out a "Kids Gym Abo" subscription. For this, a parent registers and adds one or more children to their profile. The subscription costs 7€ per month and has an initial duration of 6 months. It is automatically renewed and can be cancelled monthly thereafter. The guardians do not need a subscription/card only the children.

In addition to purchasing a subscription, it is also necessary to register the child for the course every week in the web app.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration in good time. Under "My registrations" on the left-hand side of the web app, you can call up the individual dates and cancel your registration.

  • It is not permitted for children or adults to enter the hall in street shoes.

  • Please wear indoor shoes or socks. Pushchairs must remain outside (e.g. in the changing rooms).

  • Eating and drinking in the hall is prohibited (please do not bring glass bottles into the hall).

  • Taking pictures is not permitted due to data protection guidelines.

  • The changing rooms in the hall are open again.

  • Unfortunately, a changing table is not available at the moment.


Access authorisation

Kid's gym-Abo (Kids Card)

The guardians do not need a subscription/card

Sports Schedule

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