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Juggling, Unicycle and Co

Juggling - everyone knows what that is. Time and again you are surprised when someone suddenly takes three tennis balls or apples and starts juggling with them. But at the same time, few people know what a diverse world is waiting to be discovered.
Juggling is much more than just throwing balls in a circle! The variety of tricks is only limited by the creativity of the jugglers.
The regular movements of juggling can also be very relaxing. That's why some students take balls with them for study breaks and before exams.

The juggling group of the RPTU- Kaiserslautern campus:
You won't only find ball jugglers here: clubs, rings, devilsticks and diabolos also like to be launched into the air, and we train our balance on the Rola Bola and the unicycle (and like to juggle sometimes). If you like teamwork, then passing is the right thing for you. Here, two or more jugglers share their props in simple or complicated patterns.

Our group consists of quite different people: Beginners and advanced, students in their first semesters, postgraduates, professionals.

We meet for free training, everyone teaches everyone new tricks. This makes it easier to get started and develop individual juggling skills.

Just come along!



Thursday 18:00 to 19:30 in front of the mensa (Campus KL)

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