Once a week, the inline skater meeting of the Unisport meets. Here, both beginners and advanced skaters are welcome.
Depending on the level, basic techniques such as safe riding, cornering/mountaineering and various stopping techniques are introduced and practiced in a safe environment. Advanced riders can further improve their technique and learn new tricks (e.g. riding backwards, slalom or balance exercises).
Thanks to the hall, practice can take place even in bad weather or in winter. Whether you just bought your skates or have been riding for a long time, feel free to drop by a meeting (sign up in the webapp) and come to us with your ideas and wishes.
Note: Everyone must bring their own skates and protective equipment (knee, hand, elbow pads and helmet)! In order to start the training on time, we ask the participants to come a few minutes early to put on their equipment.
In the hall, the brake stoppers incl. holder have to be dismantled. If you don't have a suitable tool, come a few minutes earlier and we can help you with that.



Thursday 17:00 to 18:00 in Hall 1 or Stadium (depending on weather) (Campus KL)

Sunday 12:30-13:30 in  hall 1-3 free skating and playing (Campus KL)

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