Snorkelling training teaches the use of mask, snorkel and fins (ABC equipment), which is a prerequisite for safe scuba diving. Through varied exercises and U/W games, fitness, coordination and apnoea skills are trained. Participants learn the practical skills needed to obtain an internationally recognised diving certificate (separate costs apply): Examination fee, rental of diving equipment, medical diving fitness examination).
The course is aimed at beginners and advanced divers. Participants must be able to swim safely at the start of the course. If required, the course can also be held in English.
After the swim-in, snorkelling training takes place (at the beginning of the course in separate groups for beginners and advanced swimmers). After completing the training units, there is the opportunity to take part in a game (e.g. underwater ball, a modified form of underwater rugby). If required, training on scuba equipment and open water dives for the acquisition of an internationally recognised diving licence are offered in the further course.  
Courses for beginners start in the winter semester. Advanced students can join at any time.


Mask, snorkel, fins, swimwear are required!
The indoor swimming pool at the SZS is closed during all school holidays.
Attention: the indoor swimming pool in the SZS closes punctually at 10.00 pm!

Bathing caps are compulsory in the South School Centre, please do not forget your bathing caps!



Wednesday 20:30 to 22:00 at the Schulzentrum Süd

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