At Unitanz, we offer you a broad spectrum of couple dancing and are constantly trying to update and expand our programme.
Our dance instructors come from the tournament sport of the DTV or the partner associations, are dance trainers from different fields, but above all enthusiastic dancers with heart and soul.

The dance courses in the summer semester have started. These are “closed” courses, so it is no longer possible to join after the 2nd date.

Please note that the dance courses are for couples. You therefore usually need a dance partner in order to take part.


"Dancing is dreaming with your feet".

West Coast Swing
Flowing movements combined with fast turns make WCS look very elegant and offer a lot of fun.
WCS very elegant and offer a lot of room for interpretation and variation by the dancing dancers.
and variation by the dancing couple. With us you will learn the
basic figures and first variations, so that you can have fun at every
have fun at every swing party.
West Coast Swing is groovy, jazzy, funky... simply cool!

You have never danced before? Or maybe you took a dance class many years ago but have forgotten everything? Then you've come to the right place. In the A-course we teach all dances from scratch. We teach you the Standard and Latin dances Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive. In addition to the basic steps, you will also learn the first small figures and, after completing the course, you will be able to move confidently across the dance floor to any dance music.

LF-Course Level 1
You have completed the A-course with us and want more? No problem, because then we have a lot of new things for you in this course, for example the Paso Doble. You will also learn new figures and first tricks for the right technique. Slowly it gets sporty. We recommend that you bring a refreshing drink and a towel.

LF Course Level 2
You are no longer a beginner in dance sport and would like to develop further? Great, then you will also learn new figures and refine your technical skills in this course. In addition, another new dance awaits you: Slow Fox! After completing this course, you will certainly be ready for the German Dancing Sport Badge. You have the opportunity to take this test in front of examiners of the German Dance Sport Federation. After passing, a bronze badge will adorn your chest.

Dancing has become a favourite hobby and you still want to learn more? Great, then why not attend our advanced course. This course again offers many new step sequences in the individual dances and will train you technically. As the figures are getting faster and faster, the right shoes will make it easier for you to dance. Your dance teacher will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the right choice of dance shoes.

Dance music that is fun, nice people who share the hobby and competent instructors who always have an open ear for questions! You think that doesn't exist? With us it does! Once a week, the Tanztreff offers you the opportunity to practise what you have learned in our courses. You can meet people from all the courses and pursue your hobby to good and always up-to-date music. If you forget a step, the instructors who are always present will be happy to help you and give you the right tips. You should not miss out on this.

Disco Fox beginners
You want to swing across the floor in the style of Saturday Night Fever? Let's do it! In the beginners' course you will learn everything you need to know to be able to stand your ground on the dance floor and much more besides. The first figures and turns will expand your repertoire.

Disco Fox Advanced
Do you want to whirl around the dance floor even faster and more spectacularly? Then our instructors have many exciting spinning and winding figures ready for you in the second course. After this course you will impress everyone and shine on the dance floor with your skills. We recommend that you wear shoes with leather soles or smooth rubber soles (preferably without a tread) for the courses.


Closed courses with semester registration

Registration starts April 29th

West Coast Swing: Monday 18:30 till 19:00 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

West Coast Swing : Monday 19:00 till 20:00 in  B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

Disco Fox Beginner: Monday 20:00 till 21:00 B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

Disco Fox Intermediate: Monday 21:00 till 22:00 B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

A-Course 1: Tuesday 19:00 till 20:00 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

LF1-Course: Tuesday 20:00 till 21:00 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

LF2-Course: Tuesday 21:00 till 22:15 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

A-Course 2: Wednesday 19:00 till 20:00 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

F-Course: Wednesday 20:00till 21:15 in B 01 R 019 (Campus KL)

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